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Do more to help students learn

I am glad more adults are receptive to letting their children pursue their passions (Best route to the future is the one you chart yourself; April 9).

In today's economy, adaptability and the ability to learn, even after leaving school, is of utmost importance to stay relevant in the job market.

Hence, schools should not only promote rote learning but also encourage students to foster creativity and adopt problem-solving skills.

I believe the teaching methodology can be further improved.

At the university level, faculty members and teaching assistants seem to rush through content. They also have to juggle between research, teaching duties and other work.

It is a huge leap from junior college and polytechnic, where there is more structure and staff are able to dedicate themselves more towards teaching.

Universities should hire more full-time teaching staff to help students in the short term. In the long term, students have to learn on their own.

Mindy Soh, 21

University undergraduate

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