Do more to help single parent families stay together

I was disturbed to learn about the challenges faced by single parents (usually single mothers) in securing housing (Civil society's role cannot be to provide public goods; June 5).

It has resulted in housing insecurity, poor living conditions and parents living separately from their children.

It reminds me of an article I read about the effects of war and terrorism on children.

Those children often became separated from their parents for various reasons, such as their father leaving to serve in the army, their parents dying in war, or just being evacuated from an area.

How can such a situation be happening in Singapore?

Under Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, shelter is as important as air, water and food.

Additionally, factors such as the environment in which a child lives and the interactions between the child and other people affect the child's development.

I respect the decision of the agencies involved to follow the official stance and set strict guidelines on what is considered a "family nucleus".

But I hope they will review the eligibility of HDB flats for single parents.

This issue is more than a housing issue; it is also a social one.

Poh Sow Chan (Ms)

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