Do more to grow women's football

The future looks bright for women's football, with Football Association of Singapore (FAS) technical director Michel Sablon saying that the sports body is committed to developing the game here.

However, the truth is that our women's football has a long way to go to catch up.

Though the FAS is trying hard to increase women's participation, the group remains small.

Are the current activities, such as the Women's Football Day event ("Getting a kick out of Women's Football Day"; Feb 29), sufficient to build up women's interest in football? It is important to find a way to raise the level of interest in the sport.

The FAS should attract top women footballers as coaches and trainers, as players in our women's league, and eventually place them in our women's national team.

The FAS has said that raising the profile of women's football was one of the pillars in its Strategic Plan ("FAS working towards achieving football excellence"; Sept 26, 2013).

Yet, in 2013, the FAS spent only about 1 per cent of its budget on women's football.

Will the FAS put its money where its mouth is this year?

Ivan Goh Sian Lung

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