Do more for seniors selling tissue paper at MRT station

Every day, I see the same few seniors selling tissue paper at Woodlands MRT station.

They spend long hours there, and more of them appear as the day goes by.

They are mostly in wheelchairs. One has a limb amputated. There are others who are blind.

Only a few passers-by will buy the tissue paper. There are also a few who just give money.

Nearby are fast-food outlets, where youngsters are happily eating and chatting loudly. Sometimes food is left behind and wasted.

It is sad and depressing to see such contrasting scenes.

Certainly, helping these seniors by buying tissue paper from them is not the way in the long run, as it has attracted scams.

I believe these seniors are receiving some sort of grant or assistance from social welfare organisations or the Government.

But if so, why are they still selling tissue paper?

Or are they among those who refused help (Help available for those living on the streets, by the Ministry of Social and Family Development; Oct 14)?

What can society do to help these seniors live a dignified life in their old age?

Ang Kah Chin (Ms)

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