Do away with reserved parking spaces for officials attending events

The report "Tens of thousands of households will have to give up car as zero-growth policy kicks in" (ST Online; Dec 15) does not tackle the issue of leading by example towards a car-lite Singapore.

Going car-lite is not the same as going car-free. A car-lite approach is about tackling the issue of motor vehicles' contribution to traffic congestion, travel delays, noise and air pollution, as well as addressing the problem of a shortage of parking spaces.

There have been occasions where I witnessed scores of public parking spaces in the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh and in the Central Library building reserved for VIPs for "events".

The spaces were reserved hours before the actual events, starting from early in the morning even when the events were scheduled for the afternoon.

It is difficult to convince the public to embrace public transport when government officials travel for meetings and events in private vehicles and have reserved parking spaces. It is especially wrong when the reserved parking spaces are at places such as the HDB Hub, which bustles daily with people seeking housing services.

It ought to be sufficient that government ministries provide staff-only parking in their buildings.

If need be, chartering a bus for the officials would make more sense than having the entourage travelling in their individual cars.

Chen Junyi

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