Voices Of Youth

Divisions will only cause more unrest

The incidents worldwide of extremists committing acts of violence in the name of Islam, including attacks in London and Manchester, and the unrest in Marawi, have caused many to fear and dislike Muslims.

Singaporeans must not succumb to such ignorance, as it will only solidify the ethnic divide and cause more unrest.

While it is important to be vigilant (Terror threat to S'pore at highest level in recent years; June 2), the significance of staying united must be emphasised.

As a multicultural society, Singapore has to remain cognisant of the fact that we also cannot stereotype races or religions.

This is especially so in the month of Ramadan.

We must show solidarity with and respect to our Muslim friends observing the Islamic holy month by being considerate and empathetic.

We need to be aware of the potential for xenophobia and hatred to become corrosive to our nation.

Singapore and the world have to recognise the need to be united rather than divided, if we wish to fight against ruthless enemies.

Angeline Lee Jia Wen, 16, Secondary 4 student