Diverse student population not ideal

Mr Seah Yam Meng said greater diversity is needed in schools, or else it would ultimately result in students who are unable to be accustomed to society (More diverse student population needed in schools; Oct 26).

While it is disheartening to know that nearly half of disadvantaged students study in the same schools, it is unfeasible to ensure a diverse student population in schools.

In Singapore, due to our lack of natural resources, it is important to make intelligence an asset and use it to gain competitiveness on a global scale and be relevant.

Having a diverse population of students in schools would result in elite schools having students who may have learning difficulties. This may obstruct those who are trying to learn more and at their own pace, thereby affecting the talent that these schools produce.

Additionally, should disadvantaged students enter such schools, they may be unable to cope with the usual fast learning pace, and would further drop behind, which can result in low self-esteem, or even depression and suicidal thoughts.

Perhaps we should consider the needs of every student and how they will be affected by a diverse student population.

David Lim Kang Wei, 15

Secondary 3 student

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