Disappointing lack of disabled access at OG Albert Complex

Recently, my husband and I took my wheelchair-bound mother-in-law shopping at OG Albert Complex.

We were appalled and disappointed by the lack of disabled access in the mall.

Entering the building was unproblematic, as there are ramps leading to the entrance.

A lift took us to Level 2. However, upon exiting the lift, we realised that the door leading to the shopping area was locked.

We rang the bell for assistance many times, but were met with silence. We heard human traffic on the other side and tried to knock and call out, but we were ignored.

Finally, my husband had to go back to Level 1 to get a security guard to let us out.

After we were released, I wheeled my mother-in-law around to pick out some clothes. The aisles were very narrow and the crowds made the place very congested.

When we went to the fitting room, it was difficult to get the wheelchair into the cubicle. I had to carry my mother-in-law out of the wheelchair and seat her on a chair that the service staff had kindly placed in a cubicle for us.

Even though we were allocated the largest cubicle, we still had difficulty closing the door after squeezing myself, my mother-in-law and the chair inside.

OG Albert Complex is a popular shopping mall, especially among those who are older.

The management has to be more aware and mindful of the needs of the disabled in the mall.

The fitting room and sales staff were all very helpful and accommodating, but more can be done to make the shopping experience an easier and more comfortable one for the disabled.

Lim Jeng Jeng (Ms)

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