Disability payout not enough for necessities

I refer to the articles on CareShield Life and ElderShield (ElderShield to make way for compulsory CareShield Life; and New disability cover lauded but payout not enough, say some; both on May 28).

It seems that the restructured scheme and payout are not good.

People buy insurance to give themselves peace of mind and with the hope that, should things happen, the payout will take care of daily expenses. The estimated payout illustrated for a 30-year-old man, of $600 a monthfor life, is not enough to cover the necessities such as doctor's consultations, medicine or hiring a nursing maid should the family have only one breadwinner.

As this scheme is governed by the Singapore Government, the insurer should be NTUC Income.

The insurer should look carefully at how the payouts can serve the insured and not concentrate on how much returns the company can generate. The CareShield Life scheme should study how serious the disability is to determine the payout needed to help cover and minimise the burden of all policyholders.

Gabriel Ong

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