Different standards for SRS investors

I have been to numerous shareholders' annual general meetings and special meetings, and had no problem getting registered and admitted to such meetings for which the shares I have are held under the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS).

But I was shocked when I attended a meeting recently and discovered that I was not a registered shareholder, even though the shares have been held under my SRS account for months now.

I was frustrated to learn that there are different standards for shareholders who purchased shares using money from their SRS account.

It will be good if companies that do not recognise SRS shareholders have an annotation or symbol under the remarks column on the Singapore Exchange website.

A bold red remark on any exclusion should also be made when the company is issuing notice for a meeting.

This way, shareholders will not have to travel all the way to the meeting only to be rejected.

Wu Pei Tong

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