Did SkillsFuture help land jobs?

While it is good to know that more Singaporeans are using their SkillsFuture Credit, with those in the 25 to 29 and 30 to 39 age groups tapping the funds most, the data does not say much beyond the surface of the scheme (More S'poreans using SkillsFuture Credit for courses; Feb 2).

For instance, how many displaced professionals, managers, executives and technicians managed to land a job after tapping the scheme?

Were there specific courses that helped learners get back into the job market? Does the most popular course lead to an increase in productivity?

It may be tough to find a single indicator to measure performance, but I hope the Government can provide a glimpse of how the funding support affected employment status.

Tan Kar Quan

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on February 19, 2018, with the headline 'Did SkillsFuture help land jobs?'. Subscribe