Develop keen eye from an early age

It is certainly good news that career prospects in cyber security are expanding ("Cyber security = job security for S'pore grads"; Sunday).

We should encourage those in the younger generation to enrol themselves in courses related to cyber security, as it is not just about job security, but also concerns national security.

As the cyberworld operates 24/7 internationally, we need many pairs of eyes to prevent online attacks.

There is much to monitor - from macro matters, such as a nation's security and political affairs, to smaller matters such as personal security and confidential data.

Criminals have ventured and expanded online, and netizens can play their part by being extra vigilant and reporting illegal activities immediately to the authorities.

More importantly, young people should be educated and made aware so that they do not fall prey to such activities or unwittingly become accomplices.

Leonard Poh

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