Develop culture of zero tolerance on mosquitoes

I am extremely concerned about the huge number of foreign workers who have tested positive for Zika at a construction site in Sims Drive ("37 cases linked to one construction site"; Aug 29).

Why was there a lapse in vector control at the construction site, despite the National Environment Agency's surveillance programme, education efforts and enforcement?

Perhaps we could intensify the monitoring programme, increase the amount of fines, or make company bosses answerable for any breach of the Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act.

Business as usual is no longer an option. We need all of our best people to pursue an integrated, coherent and cohesive response to neutralise the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

We must develop a culture of zero tolerance on mosquitoes, and inculcate this mindset in everyone.

Loong Chik Tong

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