Deploy drones to patrol roads

The local traffic enforcement authorities should seriously consider deploying drones to ensure all roads are organised and motorists adhere to parking regulations.

Drones can be deployed at all times of the day, with infra-red thermal capabilities to see in the dark.

They can cover a wide area and not be caught in traffic jams, thus arriving at the scene faster.

Unlike static speed cameras, drones can appear anywhere and at any time.

They will, hence, be an effective tool to deter speeding and detect slow-moving vehicles that are hogging the fast lane.

More importantly, drones can spot road offences in real time and can capture photos of the incident with a built-in camera.

They can be equipped with global positioning satellite systems to record the exact location of the offence.

Drones can be remotely controlled, easing the number of front-line officers needed.

Their use will also greatly reduce the chances of traffic wardens being confronted by angry drivers and being put in harm's way.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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