Dentists here trained in the latest advancements

Dr Seow Onn Choong (It's not okay to extract teeth and replace with dentures; March 31) correctly highlighted the importance of disease prevention in oral healthcare. However, we disagree with his comments on "outdated" methods of training dentists in managing gum disease.

As periodontal (gum) disease management is a pivotal part of patient care, the internationally benchmarked Bachelor of Dental Surgery course at the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore, employs the highest standards of teaching and the latest in dentistry advancements, including periodontal disease management.

Students are trained under the supervision of periodontists. Exposure to periodontal surgical procedures broadens their understanding of the management of more complex conditions.

Even though general dentists are well-trained to manage gum disease in its early stages, more complex and advanced forms of the disease are better managed by periodontists.

General dentists, periodontists, dental hygienists and patients all play an important role in managing gum disease.

Patrick Finbarr Allen (Professor)
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
National University of Singapore

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