Delighted by HDB effort to retain greenery of Bidadari

An artist's impression of Bidadari Estate.
An artist's impression of Bidadari Estate. PHOTO: HDB

I was heartened to read of the efforts put in by the Housing Board and other agencies to retain as much as possible of the new Bidadari housing estate's natural woodland (Bidadari estate to have green haven with lake and trails, May 6).

Far too often, I have observed how entire tracts of forested land were cleared and levelled for new urban developments.

Even when parks are created in these places, the original vegetation is destroyed and new tree saplings that hardly provide any shade are planted.

I was thus delighted to learn that the HDB team in Bidadari retained hundreds of existing mature trees, including some endangered ones, and placed new trails that caused the least disturbance to existing trees and other biodiversity areas.

In addition, the HDB team in Bidadari was receptive to feedback from nature groups, resulting in not only the retention of a hillock which has been a sanctuary for both local and migratory birds, but even the building of structures, such as an eco-bridge, for the benefit of the wildlife in the area.

Indeed, kudos to HDB's Bidadari team. I hope the same open-mindedness to listen and work with nature groups, as well as the will and effort to preserve much of existing flora and fauna, will also be applied to the development of other new residential and industrial estates, especially the proposed "Forest Town" in Tengah.

Edwin Pang

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