Deferred income assessment helps young couples secure first flat earlier

We thank Ms Cheryl Chiam for her letter (Extend delayed income assessment for BTO flats to current buyers; March 10).

The flexibility to defer the assessment of income for housing grants and loans is intended to help young couples proceed with their flat application, if they are ready to make the commitment to settle down.

These could be full-time students or national servicemen, or those who have recently completed their studies or national service.

By doing so, we enable such couples to apply for their flats first, instead of having to defer the application till one or two years later.

This is why the deferred income assessment will apply to eligible applicants from the upcoming sales exercise in May this year.

Those who have proceeded with their flat application or signed leases have already started on their home-ownership journey.

Hence, the deferment of income assessment would not be applicable to them.

Lily Chan-Wong (Mrs)

Director (Policy & Property)

Housing & Development Board

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