Dealing with stray dogs: AVA, NParks reply

We thank Mr Peter Chan Teng Hong for his feedback ("Tackle stray dog problem in Punggol"; last Sunday).

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) manages stray animals for public safety and public health reasons.

In the past few months, the AVA and National Parks Board (NParks) have received public feedback on dog-related nuisance and threats to public safety in Punggol and Coney Island. Members of the public have cited instances where they have been chased and nearly bitten by aggressive stray dogs.

The AVA and NParks are working to manage the stray dog populations in the area. Strays rounded up at the park will be assessed on their suitability for rehoming.

We will work with animal welfare groups on rehoming strays that are found to be suitable. So far, seven dogs have been rounded up.

Signage advising the public on what to do when they encounter stray dogs has been put up.

While we continue control operations in the area, we would like to remind members of the public who encounter stray dogs to stay calm, not stare at them, and walk away slowly without making any sudden movements.

Alvin Goh

Director, Animal Management Group

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority

Chuah Hock Seong

Group Director, Parks

National Parks Board

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