DBS changed policy without informing customers

Last month, I came across a DBS Visa debit card that offered 5 per cent cashback for all payments made by Visa PayWave.

What excited me most about the terms and conditions was that no minimum spending was required for the 5 per cent cashback, so my wife and I applied for the debit card.

Recently, a friend informed me that the terms and conditions had changed and there was now a minimum spending requirement of $400.

The bank confirmed the change when I called - that there was now a minimum spending of $400 for cardholders to enjoy the 5 per cent cashback.

This sudden change in policy, without informing customers, is totally unacceptable.

Why were we not told of the changes?

If we received the card before the changes were made to the terms and conditions, shouldn't the bank honour the original terms and conditions?

Also, by implementing the $400 minimum spending, DBS may be excluding the lower-income group and serving only those who are relatively better off, financially.

Lim Tong Wah

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