Dangerous to take sides in US-China rivalry

Taking sides with the United States or China can be dangerous (Asia's worry: Having to take sides; May 28).

The political rivalry is between two big and powerful entities competing for more power and dominance in the world.

It is only human to be wary of China's rise both economically and militarily.

China had been greatly humiliated and bullied in the past when it was poor and weak. It was called the "sick man of Asia".

Now that the country is rich and powerful, it will ensure that it does not get belittled again, or have its sovereignty and rights challenged.

Even though countries in the West may agree that China's rise is vital and good for the world, they are also fearful that their influence will be diminished by China's growing power.

It is unwise for Asia to take sides. Countries in the region should perhaps learn from Singapore, which plays the peacemaker and is friends with both China and the US.

Ace Kindredzen Cheong

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