Danger from bikes and PMDs at night

There have been many reports about the surge in numbers of bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMDs) on footpaths, shared cycling paths and roads.

Much has also been reported about speedsters and reckless riders, and I am particularly troubled by this group when I drive at night.

Many of them move about without front and back lights or reflectors, which would help other road users to see them in low-light conditions.

Some of the shared-bicycle companies do not seem to provide equipment that makes the bicycles safe for night use, with the exception of two small reflectors on the wheels, which are grossly inadequate.

Under the current conditions, where roads and walkways in the suburbs see a lot of activity even at night, these poor safety standards are unacceptable and I feel it is only a matter of time before we see accidents stemming from this.

The Land Transport Authority should undertake urgent enforcement action to ensure these safety lapses on the part of all bicycles and PMD users at night are rectified.

One good place to start is to ensure all shared-bicycle companies comply with the safety requirements for their customers who use their bicycles at night.

Chew Eng Soo

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