'Cultural issues' don't just involve maintenance team

It is good to see SMRT and SMRT Trains chairman Seah Moon Ming bow and apologise to commuters (Flooding in MRT tunnel preventable, says Khaw; Oct 17).

SMRT group chief executive Desmond Kuek said SMRT was taking full responsibility and looking into tackling remaining "deep-seated cultural issues" within the company.

It is, however, strange to note that the management has narrowed the responsibility only to the maintenance team.

"Cultural issues" are a corporate matter, and that starts from the very top, primarily from the offices of the chiefs of SMRT group and unit.

The human resource department is obviously also lacking in its efforts to inculcate proper work attitudes.

I think the public would also like to know if the bonuses of only the maintenance team will be affected (Bonuses for team at fault 'will be affected'; Oct 17).

In the same vein, it would be of interest to know what kind of bonuses had been paid out to the chief executives as well as other senior executives in the last five years.

Jack Tan

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