Cultivate etiquette from a young age

I fully agree with Dr Margaret S. Gremli about the need to educate the public on concert etiquette (Address audience behaviour at concerts; July 17).

Being late for concerts, not applauding, being ignorant of when they are supposed to clap and cheer, and rushing to leave all show great disrespect to the performers.

I have witnessed such inappropriate behaviour even at school concerts.

This lack of importance placed on etiquette is very worrying.

We have to strive to eliminate such undesirable behaviour if we want to become a more refined and cultured society. It can also improve our overall behavioural standards.

Etiquette has to be cultivated from a young age. There has to be a proper avenue to impart such knowledge to students.

It would be good to start educating our young on the correct behaviour at concerts, and emphasise the importance of punctuality and respect. This would allow them to develop good habits.

This is crucial as we work towards shaping our young to become respected and cultured members of society, and achieve the gradual but paramount betterment of our society.

Choon Pui Leng, 16,

Secondary 4 student

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