Crucial for citizens to be vigilant

With terrorism becoming more prevalent in our world today, it is important to always be mentally and physically prepared ("S'poreans must reject violence, deepen mutual understanding"; last Saturday).

Although Singapore has in place advanced technology to combat terrorism, we, as citizens, play a vital role to protect our country from menace.

We can keep a lookout for impending danger, such as unattended baggage on MRT trains or suspicious individuals.

We can take part in emergency exercises and drills to enable us to know what to do in the face of danger and heighten our alertness to potential threats.

Living in a multiracial country, we ought to be tolerant and understanding towards one another, in order to build a harmonious community.

A country that is facing racial discrimination and xenophobia is vulnerable to external threats.

Devastation within a country will lead to a depletion of talents and affect the economy.

It is crucial for each and every one of us to be vigilant and prepared.When all of us cooperate, we will be able to stand together as one united people to fight terrorism.

Michelle Ng Ee Xiang, 16, awaiting O-level posting results

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