Crowdfunding sites should help donors make right choice

All crowdfunding sites must determine the worthiness of an appeal (Donors must ask more questions before giving, by Mr Kwan Jin Yao; Dec 5).

Generally, Singaporeans are compassionate and helpful, and will respond to calls to help the less fortunate.

Local crowdfunding sites have helped people with housing bills, hospitalisation fees and children's school expenses.

However, not all appeals should be worth considering, and this is where crowdfunding sites and public donors should be more discerning.

It is not proper for, say, an able-bodied person to appeal for assistance to settle unpaid utilities bills when he is physically able and healthy enough to find gainful employment.

Hence, it is imperative that crowdfunding sites exercise due diligence and ensure the merits and worthiness of all appeals they receive, so as to make sure that donors are making the right choice when parting with money.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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