Cricket match broadcast: StarHub replies

We thank our customers for their feedback on the Indian Premier League ("Allow more players in cricket broadcast market" by Mr Jairam Amrith; Tuesday, and "Why charge so much for cricket subscription, then fail to deliver?" by Ms Seetha Sharma; Thursday).

StarHub is the only pay-TV operator in Singapore to give customers the flexibility of both contract-free channel groups and contracted channel groups, which come with attractive savings.

This is why the Cricket Group is available at $32.10 (including GST) a month without a contract; and also at a lower price of $19.26 (including GST) a month with a 12-month contract.

As a pay-TV operator, we have to negotiate with content providers to acquire content such as the Indian Premier League. Hence, there is a cost to acquiring content which is not determined by StarHub alone.

In the case of the Indian Premier League, we tried to acquire the broadcast rights at a sensible cost that would allow us to continue providing Indian Premier League matches to our customers.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, discussions with the content provider have made little progress.

To our knowledge, the Indian Premier League has not been acquired on an exclusive basis by any operator in Singapore.

Besides the recently concluded 2016 ICC World Twenty20 and the 2016 Asia Cup, Cricket Group customers can still look forward to world-class cricket matches, such as Australia v South Africa, England v Sri Lanka, England v Pakistan and India v England.

Customers can refer to for more information on the Cricket Group.

We thank Mr Amrith and Ms Sharma for their continued support and seek their understanding.

Nicholas Tee
Assistant Manager
Corporate Communications

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