Creativity must come with truthfulness and responsibility

Creativity and risk-taking are not, and should not be, public expressions of far-fetched statements ("Don't let 'retirement' stunt episode stifle creativity, risk-taking" by Ms Yeo Boon Eng; yesterday).

Whether you are a television celebrity or a top government official, you have to be very careful when you utter words intended to inform and influence your targeted group of people, or the population at large.

Why should anybody make a decision based on statements that may have been misconceived, misleading or misrepresented?

Ms Yeo asked: "Do we want to remain a nation always taking the well-trodden path to avoid the dangers of attracting public criticism?"

The answer to that is "yes, of course, we do".

We want to teach our young entrepreneurs and aspiring politicians that the correct way to sell their product or policy is truthfulness.

This has served us well for decades.

We should not change it just for a quick buck.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew

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