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Creativity important, yet overlooked

As Singaporeans, we take pride in our education system and the quality of the students it produces. They are taught to be all-rounders from a young age.

Recent technological advancements have resulted in major changes in our society. It is clear that artificial intelligence will not take long to catch up with human beings in many areas.

What sets us apart from robots is our ability to imagine and invent. The only way for a small nation like Singapore to continue thriving is for the future generation to be creative.

The competitiveness of our society has driven many students to become obsessed with getting the "right answer".

If change is to take place, the education system must shift its focus away from just exams. Students must be taught not only how to score in exams, but also how to accept it when they make mistakes.

Teachers and parents should encourage children to let their imaginations flow and to experiment.

Andrea Lim Jingwen, 16,
Secondary 4 student

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