Create sense of community for a more civic-minded S'pore

The issue of food trays not being returned at food centres points to the larger issues of Singaporeans' poor social graces and a weak sense of community (Make a little effort to be gracious, by Ms Vivian Tan Wei En; Aug 10).

The issue of getting Singaporeans to be more civic-minded has been a losing battle.

All the top-down campaigns to get people to return trays, stop littering or move to the back of buses have had limited success because Singaporeans do not feel strongly enough that they are one community and need to look after one another.

Government actions do not usually foster strong bonds.

Forging bonds requires actions, not words, from as many people as possible.

Civic organisations, non-governmental organisations, charities and volunteers can better create this sense of community and ownership.

The Government can facilitate these groups.

Wong Horng Ginn

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