Create greater appetite for healthy food by subsidising its production

Do subsidies on health services and health screening really benefit society in the long run (S'poreans to benefit from subsidised health screening; March 10)?

It could lead to moral hazard, as people take more risks by consuming even more unhealthy food and carrying on with unhealthy routines.

People abusing the subsidies will lead to overcrowding in hospitals and clinics, and time wasted as doctors have to see minor cases.

These problems can be avoided if the Government shifts its focus towards promoting and subsidising the production of healthy food.

Funding for a campaign on what makes for healthy and unhealthy food would allow citizens to be more aware of the concerns, which would ultimately lead to better prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

Subsidising healthy food would attract consumers, as it becomes cheaper than unhealthy food.

It is important to focus on what happens before a health screening. Prevention is better than cure.

Samuel Lim Wei Yang

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