Create docking stations for shared bikes

The number of oBike users has quadrupled over the last three months (New features, education to fight errant bike parking, by oBike; Dec 4).

However, shared bicycles only benefit a minority of the population.

I live in a point block, and at the ground floor there are 4 quarters. Each quarter already has a bike parking station.

Now, a yellow box marking an area for the parking of shared bikes has been added to one of the quarters. Why were the residents not consulted on this?

We are also constantly reminded to remove clutter from our lift landings, including bicycles, as they could be fire hazards. Could shared bicycles pose similar dangers?

When children play in the void deck areas, they may remove items that get in their way, and this may include the shared bikes in the yellow boxes.

When bicycles are seen lying around, it is difficult to tell if they were parked there or moved temporarily by children playing in the area.

The geofencing feature in the bike sharing apps unfortunately does not resolve the fact that there is no way of knowing how a bike is left at the end of the day, because they can simply be moved.

There should be proper docking stations for shared bikes so that, at the end of the day, they are secured or properly parked.

Noronha Malcolm Mervyn

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