Crack down on lack of decorum

Commuters at Aljunied MRT station in the evening.
Commuters at Aljunied MRT station in the evening.PHOTO: ST FILE

The lack of decorum is not limited to young pupils at concert halls (Educate students on decorum at performances; Jan 22).

We see examples of it everywhere:

• People speaking loudly among themselves or on their phones in public spaces such as trains.

• Children treating public spaces as playgrounds and creating a din, without their guardians stepping in to control them.

• People wearing foul-smelling and dirty clothes in public.

• Bus and train commuters playing loud music or games without using headsets.

If Singapore wants to be home to world-class behaviour, much more needs to be done, beyond just demanding that teachers educate and discipline their students.

Parents and guardians must rein in misbehaving children immediately.

Public transport operators and the owners of buildings where people congregate must put up posters reminding the public of the expected decorum. They can also make use of periodic public announcements, like how it is done on Japanese public transport.

Only then can Singaporeans live and work peacefully.

Cheang Peng Wah

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 24, 2019, with the headline 'Crack down on lack of decorum'. Subscribe