Crack down on errant drivers at shopping malls

It has been reported that shopping malls will have more spaces for "green" cars (Malls roll out more choice parking spaces for 'green' cars; July 24).

Some motorists simply disregard the rules and park indiscriminately.

These errant drivers do not care if they park at a space designated for a specific vehicle. When confronted, they even turn hostile.

The mall security team must stand firm when faced with such a situation.

Merely issuing a letter of warning or wheel clamping will not deter such inconsiderate drivers.

Stern action, such as towing away the car and making the owner pay for the towing fee and other penalty fees, must be taken. This will serve as a good deterrent.

Another area malls must also seriously look into is the passenger drop-off area.

It is very common to see a car parked there waiting for a passenger.

When one car does it, other cars follow suit, and in no time, the drop-off point will fill with cars, leading to traffic obstruction.

More importantly, it deprives those who really need to drop off passengers from using a much needed space.

Cameras should be installed to catch such offenders. Mall security teams must make frequent patrols of the area and should have the authority to issue summons.

When I report such incidents to a mall's management, I have been told they could not do anything, as any action would irritate the driver, who would stop shopping at the mall.

But such a short-sighted view will lead to the loss of even more customers, who are annoyed by such selfish behaviour.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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