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Countless benefits to cycling

I am heartened to know that Singapore is working on a comprehensive cycling network, with dedicated bicycle paths connecting housing estates in all parts of the island to the city centre (Plans unveiled for cycling network in the city, foldable bikes to be allowed on public transport all day; ST Online, May 28).

Considering the adverse effects car exhaust can have on the environment, it is vital that we look to alternative modes of transport.

It is encouraging that private car numbers fell to an eight-year low last year.

The cycling networks are likely to be an additional incentive and could persuade more drivers to become "riders".

Cycling is a convenient way of commuting to schools and workplaces nearby, as well as for making daily shopping trips. It is a quicker and less tiring alternative to walking. Less time is also wasted in traffic jams.

Additionally, cycling burns calories and is an enjoyable form of exercise.

Countless benefits can be reaped, if only more of us choose to cycle.

Zhang Zheqing, 16, Secondary 4 student

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