Count nylon strings that grass cutters get and use

I share the view of telecommunications consultant Bill Bremner that our green spaces have been marred by litter from grass cutting (Green spaces marred by litter left from grass cutting; Nov 7).

Four years ago, I noticed this problem at Bedok Reservoir Park and it appears to have improved since it was reported to NParks.

This problem can be easily solved if all parties involved put some effort into it.

First, grass cutters should be warned against throwing used nylon strings on the ground. They should carry a bag to keep all the used nylon strings for proper disposal after finishing their work.

The contractor in charge of the grass cutters can issue a fixed number of nylon strings to them at the start of the day and, at the end of the day, collect and count the used nylon strings and check if the numbers tally.

If they do not tally, the grass cutters must have thrown the used nylon strings away and they should be penalised for doing so.

The management of green spaces such as NParks should continue to carry out checks and penalise the contractors if their grass cutters continue to litter.

This should resolve the problem after some time.

Tan Keng Hai

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on November 09, 2018, with the headline Count nylon strings that grass cutters get and use. Subscribe