Could SAF give time off to soldiers resitting Chemistry exam?

My son is one of those affected by the theft of the A-level Chemistry exam scripts (238 S'pore A-level Chemistry examination scripts stolen in UK; Feb 24).

The affected teens will need the help and support of the various stakeholders - the junior colleges, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) - to make the process of resitting the exam a smooth one.

First, SEAB should collaborate with the Ministry of Defence.

My son is awaiting enlistment. What would greatly help is if Mindef could postpone the call-up date of the affected students until after they resit the paper on April 25.

Alternatively, Mindef should allow those who are already in the army to have a few days of study time prior to the exam, so as to reduce the anxiety of sitting an exam while in the midst of intense physical training.

One suggestion from SEAB was to have the affected students opt to resit the paper in November.

However, the general feedback I have been getting is that those who are undergoing training will not have much free time to study.

Our army training can be very vigorous and physically demanding. I wonder if a student will be able to juggle such training with studying for an A-level Chemistry paper.

Lastly, I would appreciate it if SEAB, MOE and Mindef could work together seamlessly to assist the affected students.

Lye Meng Ling (Ms)

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