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Cooperate to park bikes properly

Indiscriminate bicycle parking is becoming a bigger issue around Singapore and must be rectified.

The shared-bike companies have had great success in providing an affordable service and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Because of this, they will be increasing the number of bikes in their fleets.

The Government has already planned to install more bike racks near MRT stations and in the city.

However, this will be effective only if a penalty or summon is issued when the rider does not park at a designated area.

Rewards such as discounts or free rides can be given to those who park properly.

The Government can only do so much to lessen the problem of indiscriminate bike parking. The public as well as the bike operators need to cooperate too.

This issue will take some time to resolve, but it is a good problem, as it shows that efforts to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transport are working.

Ting Wai Yin, 18, Polytechnic Year 2 student

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