Cookhouse meals in SAF carefully planned

We thank Madam Vicky Chong and Mr Lim Chee Khiam for their letters on SAF cookhouse food (Address food wastage in army camps; Jan 27; and Soldiers' meals, portions carefully worked out; Forum Online, Jan 30, respectively).

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has a team of nutritionists and sports scientists who plan the dietary intake of servicemen. They take into account the recommended nutritional and calorie requirements to enable servicemen to perform optimally during training.

The team also takes reference from the Health Promotion Board's healthy eating initiatives, and works with the cookhouse contractors to provide healthy meals for our servicemen.

While we recognise that healthy eating is a personal choice, the SAF will continue to inculcate in our servicemen lifelong healthy eating habits.

The SAF endeavours to keep food waste to a minimum. To do so, the cookhouse contractors prepare meals based on the weekly forecast of servicemen who will be consuming those meals. At the same time, we are realistic and know that not all dishes on the menu will appeal to every serviceman. Servicemen can provide feedback on menu choices through their commanders.

The SAF is also participating in a pilot food waste treatment project, where food waste from several camps is being collected and treated to assist in generating energy.

Chang Pin Chuan (Senior Lieutenant-Colonel)

Chief Supply Officer

Ministry of Defence

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