Contractors' association's portal helps foreign workers find new employer

Foreign workers play an important role in contributing to Singapore's built environment.

It is imperative that all employers take responsibility for their general welfare, including paying salaries on time.

The picture drawn by recent reports, including the article (Safety, hygiene lapses at worker dorms, Aug 14) and others by Transient Workers Count Too (MOM's advice out of step with reality, Aug 23; and Set up portal for employers to hire foreign workers, Aug 30), is not indicative of how the vast majority of foreign workers are being treated in Singapore.

The vast majority of construction firms are responsible employers who provide for the general welfare such as good living conditions and pay their workers on time, as required by the law.

The Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) does not condone practices that mistreat foreign workers.

We urge foreign workers to report errant employers early.

To help retain skilled workers, the SCAL operates a job-matching portal - the Foreign Construction Worker Directory System - to help workers whose work permits are expiring find another employer.

The portal provides workers with the opportunity to remain in Singapore without a break in earnings or having to pay high recruitment fees to agents.

The SCAL also works with the Migrant Workers Centre to help facilitate the placement of foreign workers from distressed companies to other employers so that they can continue working in Singapore.

These help to retain skilled and experienced foreign workers in our system.

Lam Kong Hong

Executive Director

Singapore Contractors Association Limited

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