Consumers must commit to cutting waste

Food waste is not a foreign topic in Singapore; it is a recurring headline and is frequently brought up by the Government and non-government organisations.

The Government and corporations have put in a lot of effort and money to solve the problem of food waste, such as creating the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System and insect farm Insectta (Work starts on 2nd phase of $10b sewage superhighway, Nov 21, 2017; Using insect army to fight food waste, March 16).

Organisations like the National Environment Agency and Zero Waste SG have been organising campaigns, events and workshops to promote and educate the public on reducing food waste.

But they have limited power over consumers' actions. All these will not amount to anything if individuals do not commit to a change in mindset and lifestyle.

Food wastage is on a persistent upward trajectory due to a lack of sustainable response from the public. The solutions to overcoming food waste are simple: Do not over-order or over-prepare meals, take away unfinished food for consumption later, purchase groceries wisely and take note of expiry dates.

Perhaps this message should go out to the public more frequently.

Allison Ng Poh Geok (Miss)

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