Consumer habits impact environment

The mindset behind deciding whether or not to boycott products containing palm oil is slightly misguided ("Many will boycott products from haze-causing firms: Poll; Oct 9).

It appears that the reason boycotting has garnered strong support is the haze's massive impact on us and our way of life.

This is telling of our approach towards such environmental problems - that we will take action only if we experience the consequences first-hand.

The boycott of goods containing palm oil is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, and will lead to some degree of positive change.

However, it is more important to consider how our consumer habits have an impact on the environment as a whole, rather than just thinking about ourselves.

I hope Singaporeans can move away from simply turning a blind eye towards things that do not have a direct impact on us and, instead, adopt a similar gung-ho attitude towards all the issues we face today.

Only when everyone has the environment at the forefront of their minds will we be able to move towards a truly sustainable tomorrow.

Victoria Lim, 17, Grade 11 student


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