Construct more underground pedestrian crossings

We need to look deeper into the problem of the rising number of accidents involving pedestrians in order to find a solution, and not just point the finger at jaywalkers and careless motorists (Rise in jaywalking accidents, with 30% involving the elderly; Oct 12).

The best solution is signalised pedestrian crossings. But with heavy traffic flow, this is not always ideal.

The next best thing is pedestrian overhead bridges.

But these are generally difficult for the elderly, young children and the handicapped to climb.

We are left with underground pedestrian crossings.

These are expensive to construct and cannot replace all crossings.

But their construction can be given priority when planning for new infrastructure.

For example, in planning shopping centres, underground crossings can be made part of the malls.

There can be rentable retail space in the tunnel to defray the cost of construction.

When planning islandwide cycling paths, underground pedestrian crossings can be prioritised.

The duty of the Government is to provide for the care and welfare of its citizens, especially those who are most in need.

Underground crossings will be costly but we need to budget for them.

I am sure the Government has the financial resources to tackle this problem.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)

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