Consolidate official tasks to optimise govt resources

I completely support Mr Cheng Choon Fei's call for merging enforcement agencies for better effectiveness (Consider merging LTA's enforcement unit and the Traffic Police; June 14).

Our leaders often note that people are our only natural resource and that we always face manpower constraint.

Therefore, instead of constantly redrawing turf lines and creating more administrative silos, we should consolidate similar workas a way to optimise our government resources.

For example, there is no reason why neighbourhood police officers on the ground cannot work with the Active Mobility Enforcement Officers and the Traffic Police to help enforce the proper use of bicycles, personal mobility devices and power-assisted bicycles.

They could even be trained for other simple enforcement tasks, such as against littering.

Surely, National Environment Agency officers need not be the only ones who can issue summonses for littering offences.

Indeed, this could be a whole-of-government initiative to optimise resources. We can digitally enable and train a pool of officers to double as enforcement agents at municipal or national levels, as needed.

Cheang Peng Wah

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