Consistency important in education

I laughed when I read the headline of Tuesday's commentary ("Why we prefer nasty bosses to be horrible all the time") because I could relate to it.

As a private tutor, I have found that having a consistent behaviour is not only crucial in a workplace, but it is also very important in the education sector.

For a couple of years when I first started my stint as a tutor, I was constantly exploring new teaching methods to interest my students.

I would use attractive visuals to animate videos to grab the attention of my students.

I thought that by employing different methods of teaching, my students would not find learning a chore.

Despite my painstaking efforts, my students' results did not improve.

Just as I was pondering over what I could do to help my students, one of them came up to me and told me he didn't like that each lesson was so different from the previous one because it disrupted his thinking process.

So I decided to stick to the same teaching regime, and, to my surprise, my students fared better in their studies over time.

They could understand concepts better and their work was more organised.

A consistent and systematic way of teaching proved more effective in students' learning process.

Lee Si Hui (Miss)

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