Consider common medical form for vocational, driving licences

Taxi drivers above 65 years of age are required to submit a medical examination report to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for a vocational licence; and another to the Traffic Police for a driving licence in order for these licences to be approved by the respective government division.

The two divisions request the medical report in different months of the year, and each has its respective form that has to be completed by a doctor.

LTA clearly states: "Please note that we do not accept other types of medical forms for the purpose of your vocational licence (including Traffic Police medical report)." This also applies to the Traffic Police, which will not accept the LTA medical report.

This inflexibility has caused much inconvenience to vocational licence holders as we have to visit clinics at different times of the year for a similar purpose, that is driving a car and a taxi.

We also incur additional expenses.

We hope the two government divisions would coordinate the timing of the medical examination and accept a common medical examination form.

Yee Yung Kong

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