Consider a bridging course for nurses to become doctors

One reason why it is difficult to attract more Singaporeans into nursing is that nurses - no matter how senior - are generally still viewed as subordinate to doctors (Change mindsets on nurses' roles, by Miss Lee Kay Yan; June 17).

The authorities should perhaps consider tweaking the career path for nurses, such that the cream of the nursing crop - those with the requisite experience and a sterling record - can undergo a bridging course to become doctors.

Not only will this motivate those currently working as nurses, but it will also attract more young people to join the sector.

The authorities should also do more to promote the "healthy ageing" message in the workplace.

For example, all companies should be mandated to send their employees, especially those in their 30s and above, whose health is starting to decline, to attend programmes and seminars to improve their health.

This will help to lessen healthcare demands in the long term.

Lim Chee Khiam

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