Conserve steel truss bridge in Sunset Way

I was delighted to read about the plans for the Rail Corridor ("Rail Corridor takes shape as winning plan is picked"; last Tuesday).

In view that two steel truss bridges, near the defunct Bukit Timah Railway Station and Rail Mail, will be gazetted as "conserved structures" ("Bridges to be gazetted 'endearing landmarks' "; last Wednesday), may I suggest that the same be done for the steel truss bridge across Sungei Ulu Pandan in Sunset Way?

The bridge and its railway tracks ought to be repaired and be made structurally strong. Then it should be open to the public for walks.

The surrounding areas could be further spruced up so that visitors can walk onto the bridge from Block 306, Clementi Avenue 4, and from Block 113, Clementi Street 13.

From this bridge, one can get a panoramic view of the setting sun.

Most importantly, there has to be write-ups and pictures displayed to tell the history and significance of this disused but once important Jurong Railway Line.

The bridge is worth conserving because of this historical significance.

Steve Goh Han Choon

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