Connecting with seniors to support them in ageing well

An elderly man and woman walking towards Tanglin Halt Market, on Oct 24, 2018.
An elderly man and woman walking towards Tanglin Halt Market, on Oct 24, 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

We thank Mr Colin Tan for his suggestion (SG Ambassadors can promote other schemes for seniors, Sept 6).

The Silver Generation Ambassadors engage seniors on various government policies and schemes, including the Pioneer and Merdeka generation packages.

They also connect seniors to various programmes and services through the Community Networks for Seniors (CNS) to support them in living and ageing well at home and in the community.

These include active ageing programmes, befriending and volunteering opportunities that help seniors to stay fit and connect with others in their neighbourhoods. When needed, the ambassadors also connect seniors and caregivers with assistance schemes and other services.

The rapport our ambassadors have with seniors also makes conversations on a wide range of topics, including end-of-life issues, easier. For seniors who require further support, CNS connects them to relevant community partners, such as advance care planning (ACP) facilitators.

As part of its workplace and community engagement efforts, the Silver Generation Office (SGO) has also arranged talks relevant to seniors, including ACP and other end-of-life topics.

We share Mr Tan's vision for SGO to be a social unifier, playing an instrumental role in building a vibrant care community where seniors can age with support. We continue to tweak our engagement with seniors so that it continues to be relevant to them.

Ong Yunn Shing

Chief, Corporate Services Division

Agency for Integrated Care

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