Concerted effort needed to integrate ethnic groups

Over the past few weeks, there have been several letters on racial harmony and integration.

Anecdotally and based on personal experience from my days in the army, I feel that the multiracial bonds that the founding generation of Singaporean leaders fostered are unravelling.

There appears to be a greater tendency among the various racial groups to associate primarily with those of their own ethnicity and background.

I believe that this tendency has become entrenched.

We need to find out precisely why we are drifting apart.

A concerted effort should be made to integrate our community, starting at the kindergarten and pre-school levels.

School curricula should emphasise and promote how we hitherto established national solidarity regardless of language, race or religion.

We also need to put in place a robust national education programme for all immigrants and permanent residents.

Ajit Singh Nagpal

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