Concerns over fish tank at entrance of HDB flat

I was surprised to read the report on a Tampines Housing Board flat's multi-step entrance that has been converted into a koi fish pond (Entrance of HDB flat turned into fish 'pond'; Aug 12).

As a fish lover and an aquarium enthusiast, I think that it is a clever idea.

However, I have several concerns.

First, is this legal as far as HDB rules or laws are concerned? If it is indeed illegal, what actions will the HDB take against such unauthorised modifications?

I believe that in this case, the multi-step entrance is classified as a public area.

The HDB must take prompt action against this infringement even though MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng has praised this idea publicly.

Does an MP have the right to request to make it legal for the tank to occupy that space?

Finally, in this particular incident, who has the final say - the HDB or the town council?

This incident is likely to set a precedent, and I would like to hear what the HDB has to say about it.

Phua Tiang Soon

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